High Performance Coatings


Available in both a solvent-based high gloss epoxy topcoat and a water-based epoxy primer and finish (low VOC), Aquapon® is a versatile polyamide-epoxy system offering excellent chemical, abrasion, and mar resistance.


Interior/Exterior Satin Water-Borne Acrylic
A versatile, ultra-durable water-borne acrylic, Break-Through!, is formulated to bond to some of the most difficult substrates including fiberglass, laminate, and many plastics.


Intended for heavy industrial coating systems for immersion and environmental resistance to: fresh and salt water, many organic and inorganic acids, inorganic bases and salts, crude oils, petroleum and petro-chemical products, oil brines, sewage water, hydrogen sulfide liquors and fumes.


The DuraPrep® industrial and commercial surface preparation products include environmentally compliant coating removers, graffiti remover systems, cleaners and degreasers, concrete profiling, and specialty products. DuraPrep™ products perform as well or better than harsh chemical common in the industry today.


Durethane® is offered as a moisture cure zinc primer providing galvanic protection over bare steel and a low VOC direct-to-metal topcoat with outstanding adhesion and UV protection. It can be used on interior or exterior environments.


Fast Dry’s alkyd enamel technology makes it easy to apply. Dry to touch in just 15 minutes means quick turnaround time for production efficiency. Its hard durable finish offers excellent abrasion resistance.


The PPG HPC High Gloss Epoxy is a two-component polyamine–epoxy coating with over 80% volume solids and a low–VOC which give it excellent coverage and meets governmental regulations in most states. The hard “tile–like” finish and super high gloss features make it suitable for use in architectural applications on walls and floors for ease of application and cleaning. The epoxy backbone of this coating also makes it the choice for light duty industrial applications where good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance are required for interior storage tanks, beams, machinery, piping, school lockers, etc.


MegaSeal™ is a versatile flooring program offering epoxies, urethanes, and water-based products for complete flooring protection. MegaSeal™ features anti-slip, self-leveling, resurfacing, thin film, and patching products to meet light commercial to demanding flooring projects.

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